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Looking at the spine from the side normally reveals four curves: two bending forward and two bending backwards. Looking at the spine from behind should reveal a straight line. Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine sideways. It is mainly found in the thoracic and lumbar spines. Causes of scoliosis can come from heredity, unleveled pelvis from flat feet or injured knees and hips, compression vertebral fractures, and Scheurmann’s Disease. It is most commonly found in females and usually begins during adolescence. Curves that reach 30 degrees and are progressing are referred out for probable bracing. During the teen years and growth of the spine, chiropractic manipulation can help slow down the progression of the curve. Once the adult age has been attained without any further increase in curvature, spinal adjustments can assist in pain reduction of the spine due to the abnormal spinal stresses of the musculature. Other treatment in our office consists of specific spinal exercises, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. The earlier it is detected the better chance of slowing the progression through chiropractic care.

Mouse shoulder is a term I coined for aching pain in the mid and upper back – primarily on the right side. I usually find it in people that work on a computer most of the day and have to reach for the mouse, thus putting abnormal strain on the thoracic and shoulder muscles. The pain is usually relieved by activity and worse when working at a desk. It can lead to headaches and neck pain as well. Postural analysis showed rounded shoulders and forward head. In our office chiropractic manipulation is performed especially with postural training exercises.

Subluxation is the chiropractic term for partial dislocation or misalignment of a joint. The ribs form joints with the vertebrae and thus can get misaligned causing mid back pain. The most common finding of immediate onset is sharp pain and pain upon deep breaths in. The pain is usually intense and localized. Some radiation of pain straight through the chest cavity to the front ribs, or around the side can be noticed. Chiropractic adjustments in our office are the treatment of choice. Electric muscle stimulation is used if spasms are associated.

Some organ dysfunctions can refer pain to the thoracic spine as well such as: gallbladder dysfunction or gall stones, heart, pancreas, spleen, stomach disorders, to name a few. If one of these organs is found to be the cause of pain, referrals are immediately done to a medical specialist.